Oct 082015

Dear Friends


I will be traveling to Taiwan from 20th October – 1st November 2015.


If you’re free during these days, I can stopover on the way so let me know.




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Sep 302013

Thanks a lot to all of you, who have stayed during the journey of Japan and for sharing various of stories and travelling experiences at the Kanalian. these moments are one of the great pleasures that you never know who you’ll meet and what you’ll learn on the journey. The great thing is that Kanalian has started to be known by word of mouth from our guests. Arigatou !

The guests Chris and Keren travelled around Asia for 8 month. Here is a beautiful video diary of their adventures.

Nov 242012

Saturday 1st December “Live music at the Kanalian”


Door open 7pm Concert starts 7:30pm


Entrance fee 2,000yen (include 1 drink and curry & rise)


 Come join us for a night of soulful live music !


The musician Pakpoe, is a 2nd generation Korean born in Japan and he will be singing Japanese, & Korean & English songs, as well as playing the guitar, piano and harmonica.

His soothing songs include 『あるがままに』which translates as 『Be true to your self』, a song expressing the sentimental feelings.

His songs advocate peace for the world, and are influenced by Japanese, and Korean and Okinawan folk songs as well as early American rock in a style of Bob Dylan.

Grab this chance to immerse yourself in relaxing music with your friends and interact with Pakpoe.


カナリアン パクポー ライブ 


12月1日(土)開場19時 開演19時半 会費2,000円