The original Kanalian before and throughout the design and build process. Quite a transformation indeed.

1st floor heating panel before wooden flooring

Making wooden benches

Decoration under the front desk; it spins!

A countertop between posts

The entrance door frame

The front door way to entrance

Tiling in a shower room

Changing water pipes from the main road

Ms Oyakawa`s piano arrived at Kanalian

Piano being played for the first time – the day of a walking event on the Toukaidou historical road from Kanagawa – Totsuka (10km)

Hand made kitchen counter for guests, before fitting a sink in the center and burners on either side

Artist Uchiko Watanabe painting the balloon wall

6-month Roman and 1-year old George with Lloyd

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  1. We spent a week at the Kanalian Guest House in Sept 2011, and found it to be VERY comfortable, VERY convenient, VERY clean, VERY well-appointed and VERY budget-friendly. We’d let Lee take care of us ANYTIME we’re in the Yokohama area, and we’ll be back!
    Rob & Randy Lane (Tulsa, OK)

  2. We are three girls from Taiwan and we spent 24 days stayed in kanalian guest house in Feb 2013. This guest is really clean and convient. I love the atmosphere here:its just like a sweet home, and the decorations is quite arty. Lee took very good care of us. I’ll come back someday for sure and I’ll recommand this guest house to my friends!!

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