Aug 122010

東海道五十三次宿場寄席『かなり庵寄席』~ 神奈川宿の巻 ~



日時 2010年 9月4日(土)
ところ ゲストハウス・カナリアン
開場 15時30分  開演 16時~
木戸銭 1,500円  (座席予約受付中)

交流会 18時~(食事、飲み物つき)会費1,500円 (両方参加の方は500円引き)

宿泊可(1泊 / 2,000円 要予約)

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Apr 262010

Guest House Kanalian in Yokohama is set to open its doors for business in the summer of 2010.  Visitors will surely appreciate this architectural piece as it is truly a labor of love by design-builder Lee Tetsuya.  It is also nestled into a cozy site situated along the historic Tokkaido road. The Tokkaido was one of the main historic roads that stretched across Japan leading travellers from the great city of Edo (modern-day Tokyo during the Edo period) to the old capital of Kyoto. Continue reading »

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