Nov 242012

Saturday 1st December “Live music at the Kanalian”


Door open 7pm Concert starts 7:30pm


Entrance fee 2,000yen (include 1 drink and curry & rise)


 Come join us for a night of soulful live music !


The musician Pakpoe, is a 2nd generation Korean born in Japan and he will be singing Japanese, & Korean & English songs, as well as playing the guitar, piano and harmonica.

His soothing songs include 『あるがままに』which translates as 『Be true to your self』, a song expressing the sentimental feelings.

His songs advocate peace for the world, and are influenced by Japanese, and Korean and Okinawan folk songs as well as early American rock in a style of Bob Dylan.

Grab this chance to immerse yourself in relaxing music with your friends and interact with Pakpoe.


カナリアン パクポー ライブ 


12月1日(土)開場19時 開演19時半 会費2,000円